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I can’t believe we are in June already, for me this month is about my daughter finishing school for the summer and she also has her birthday this month too. We have had such good weather here the last few weeks, coinciding with our summer holiday where we enjoyed a week away together enjoying some well deserved family time, as well as time at home too.

Anyhow onto this month’s share six theme – Abstract. This is a huge theme, art is already very subjective but this opens up a whole new world of possibilities, how do YOU see the world?, how can you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary?, the list is endless. My images are not cohesive, they were shot at different times, using different lenses, using different techniques, but I think it gives a variety of things to try out and experiment. I hope you enjoy shooting for this theme as anything goes, go wild! I look forward to seeing everyone’s shots.

~ Lynne



Originally a flower image, this and the following image was created using a tutorial for creating abstract imagery in photoshop, it was so much fun to see how they would turn out.




Oil on water, so much fun to play about with.


This image was shot as our local river, purposely choosing to have the image out of focus (oof) to give this abstract look.


In-camera double exposure of some plants in my garden.


In-camera double exposure of grass.



I am part of a group of photographers, Share Six, who blog 6 images on the 6th of each month with unique monthly themes. Please click HERE for the extremely talented Sharleen Stuart’s  interpretation of this months theme. Then, follow around the blog circle for a whole lot more talent and inspiration! Enjoy.

Join us for this month’s theme by posting your Abstract images on our Facebook page at Share Six  and to our Instagram gallery, by tagging #sharesix and #sharesix_abstract.   

A new theme will be posted on July 6th.



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